50 Years of Dedication and Family

50 years ago in 1969, Bette and Dave Bates decided to create their very own country store at the beach. They let the parents, Ada and Earl Tingle, run it, bringing to life the beginning of unique antiques and many other great items. The store became so popular so quickly that the business expanded in 1974 to the size it is today.

The niece and granddaughter, Amy Cordeaux Vickers, was around since the store opened so she decided, why not join the family business? She had two sons, John Cordeaux and Max Vickers, who both grew up in the store. After college, John decided it was his destiny to join the family business, too. It’s a labor of love for the third and fourth generation to continue this existing tradition.

Lori Bennett began managing the Seaside Country Store over 20 years ago. Creating the store’s warm, welcoming atmosphere is her passion, and she has great talent in doing so.

Many of the staff members have been here for a while, crafting strong relationships with both loyal, returning customers and new ones.

Seaside Country Store has become--and remains--Delmarva’s most popular shopping experience. Thank you for continuing to help us do what we love!