About Us

We don’t call ourselves the most unusual store on the shore just to have a catchy jingle play on your radio. We truly are unique to the Eastern Shore with everything from homemade fudge to women’s clothing to custom antiques to Christmas decor. The list could go on…

What started out as a small family business in 1970 has grown to one of the most distinct landmarks in the area.

Together, Earl and Ada Tingle and Bette and Dave Bates created the Seaside Country Store. Eventually, they passed the store along to Amy and Stephen Vickers, who have taken the store’s inventory and business mindset to a whole new level.

Both Amy and Stephen believe that conserving energy and recycling are extremely important ways of being environmentally conscious, so installing solar panels on the roof of the store was a no-brainer. Amy and Stephen have raised two children, Max and John, in, around, and above the store. Throughout their childhood, Max and John worked in the store, much like Amy did when she grew up.  

You can still find Bette stopping by the store to say hello! Three generations and 40 years later, the small family business has become a staple on the Eastern Shore. Stop in today to find just whatever you may be looking for!