The Food Room

The Food Room

The Food room is the Seaside Country Store signature room. We blend our own cheese spreads and make our own fudge daily. Indulge in our vast selection of chocolates, sauces, jams and jellies, seasonings, and novelty candy that you’ll remember from when you were a kid! Ask for samples!

The Fudge Counter

Find Amy behind the kettle each day making delicious, creamy, homemade fudge! We have over 30 different flavors. You can get fudge with walnuts, pecans, caramel, heath bar pieces, brownie chunks, and crumbled cookie bits. We even make Key lime, pumpkin, and creamsicle fudge! Buy it by the piece or the pound.

The Cheese Counter 

Have you sampled our horseradish cheddar yet? At the cheese counter, we only sell our delicious cheese spreads by the pound, packed by hand! Pick up a few tubs for home as you leave the beach. Buy four cheese spreads and get a fifth free!

If horseradish isn’t your style, you can stick with our sharp cheddar or lite cheddar. While at the cheese counter, you can also sample our homemade peanut or cashew butter with no preservatives!

Jellies, Jams, and Sauces

We have everything from unique blends and hot sauces, to dressings and rubs for your next barbeque. In the Food room, you'll find a large variety of salsa’s, soups, mixes, and dips! We sell cases upon cases of every jam and jelly you can imagine, from staples like strawberry and blueberry to exotic flavors like guava jelly or one of our best sellers, orange-pineapple-cherry!


Delivered each week from Asher’s in Lewistown, Pennsylvania, our variety of chocolates make the perfect gift. We have everything from chocolate turtles (pecan’s and caramels) to solid chocolate crabs and shells. Try some chocolate pretzels, malt balls, and even chocolate covered potato chips (the perfect combination of sweet and salty!) We even have sugar-free chocolates. 

Novelty Candy

Take a trip down memory lane! We have everything from candy necklaces to tootsie rolls and licorice in all flavors! Find chuckles, candy cigarettes and gummy everything!

Blue Crab Bay

Brought up from Virginia’s eastern shore, Blue Crab Bay is a staple of the Food room. Find marinades, soups, and crab seasonings. The large variety of nuts and snack mixes are to die for! There are also a large variety of shrimp, crab, and clam dip kits.